The Pilates Studio (Warragul)

              ( Established  October 2003)

1 Victoria Street


VIC         3820

To contact us:    The Pilates Studio

Phone: 0411 022 396

Fax: 03 56231628


· You have just taken the first step that can take you on a journey of discovery to improve the physical quality of your every day life.

· Pilates conditions the whole body and brings it into balance to help you enjoy daily activities and sports with greater ease and less chance of injury.

· It offers a routine that will change your life and your mental attitude to your body, giving increased vitality and improved posture, while toning your muscles.           

· It can be adapted to cater for the needs of the individual and fantastic results can be achieved.     

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Reserved: Classes for Men & women at 
all levels
Phone Gillian - 
0411022396Explosion 2: Congratulations
on achieving 
10 years
of Pilates
2008 to 2017

David Dzur

Debbie Ibbotson

Stephen and Yvonne Pike

Robyn McGrath and Robyn Crocker

Term 2 will finish on
Thursday June 28th.
Holiday classes will be held
during the school holidays.

· Are you aiming for better posture ?

· Would you like to improve your balance ?

· Do you have lower back or shoulder problems  that need help ?

· Would it be great to have more freedom of movement  ?

· Would you hope to live without pain one day ?

· Do you feel you could improve your core strength ?

· Would it be great to improve your quality of life for longer ?

· Does your body want a complete low impact workout ?

· Do you want an exercise system that has high results ?




TUESDAYS  @  6.20 p.m

3 WEEK COURSE  - $45.00   


This weekThe Studio where you and Pilates are the only focus.

Holiday Classes—timetable