The Pilates Studio (Warragul)

††††††††††††† ( Established† October 2003)

1 Victoria Street


VIC†††††††† 3820

To contact us:††† The Pilates Studio

Phone: 0411 022 396

Fax: 03 56231628


Explosion 2: Congratulations
on achieving 
10 years
of Pilates
2008 to 2017

David Dzur

Debbie Ibbotson

Stephen and Yvonne Pike

Robyn McGrath and Robyn Crocker

 Are you aiming for better posture ?

 Would you like to improve your balance ?

 Do you have lower back or shoulder problems† that need help ?

 Would it be great to have more freedom of movement† ?

 Would you hope to live without pain one day ?

 Do you feel you could improve your core strength ?

 Would it be great to improve your quality of life for longer ?

 Does your body want a complete low impact workout ?

 Do you want an exercise system that has high results ?



Pilates - try it in preference to 
medication, for your back and joints.Please note that Term 3 ends on Thursday September 20thOur studio, where you and Pilates are the only focus.Over this term specific aspects
of Pilates have been our focus.AlignmentBalance

Our first aspect was using the dot system† to highlight posture and therefore alignment. It was amazing what clients discovered and then worked to correct. Good alignment was a great help for better balance and stability. add in the specific breathing and the exercises work for you. Pilates is all about the breathing. Lengthening and strengthening using all the above have been our latest focus.


Time table for Term 4† available on Friday September 21st

Holiday classes will be held 
during the School holidays