The Pilates Studio (Warragul)

              ( Established  October 2003)

1 Victoria Street


VIC         3820

To contact us:    The Pilates Studio

Phone: 0411 022 396

Fax: 03 56231628


· You have just taken the first step that can take you on a journey of discovery to improve the physical quality of your every day life.

· Pilates conditions the whole body and brings it into balance to help you enjoy daily activities and sports with greater ease and less chance of injury.

· It offers a routine that will change your life and your mental attitude to your body, giving increased vitality and improved posture, while toning your muscles.           

· It can be adapted to cater for the needs of the individual and fantastic results can be achieved.     

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Reserved: Call Gillian : 0411022396
Reserved: Classes for Men & women
The Studio where you and Pilates are the only focus.Welcome to Pilates 2018
Great to see all clients returned.
Welcome to the many new clients
that have joined us.Text Box: NEW CLASSES 
AT OUR SPECIAL STUDIOText Box: Beginners   Mat class
Mondays @ 11.00 a.m
1 hour—$15.50
Beginner’s Reformer
Bed class
Thursdays @ 7.30 pm
45 mins—$17.50
Text Box:          Phone gillian  

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope to see you at our classes.

We are offering 21 classes this term, from Beginners to Advanced

See the Timetable and ask about our NEW classes on Mat & Beds.

Places still available - not too late to book.