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The Pilates Studio—Warragul, which has been established for 14 1/2  years, is situated in the heart of town, offering   around 20 classes of varying levels from Beginners to Advanced, using quality equipment. Courses, at all levels, are based on the original Pilates principles as laid down by Joseph Pilates, himself.

Our entrance has  beautifully renovated polished floors leading to 2 carpeted studios, with a welcoming , yet calming atmosphere, with full length mirrors, and good heating and cooling

All our instructors  are qualified and passionate about the Pilates system of exercise. They have had experience in many fields of physical activity, working  in the dance, fitness, sports  and therapy industries.  (Find out about our Pilates Instructors  )

It is our desire to offer the best care possible to our clients with classes that are non-confronting, geared to the needs of the individual yet firmly adhering to the Pilates principles. (Refer to Which Class ? to find the right class for you)

At the beginning of each term an Information Evening  or Trial classes are held for prospective clients. The principles and benefits of Pilates are presented and the development of the courses are explained on these days. Clients have the opportunity to ask questions relevant to their particular needs and classes are organised according to available times, for both the studio and the client. (See Timetable)

Private sessions are also available, by appointment only, specifically for specific conditions and rehabilitation.

Pilates is for all ages ( including senior members of society ), for men and women, boys and girls , during pregnancy and for elite sports people. If you fit into any of these categories then Pilates could be for you !! Why not give it a try ?

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The Pilates Studio— Warragul

Pilates is low impact with high results !

Esther Swan, Chris Hannah, Adele Kellett

Sandra Porch, Lynda MacGregor, and Marianna Mitchell with Gillian Foks (in white T-shirt )

Absent : - Coral Smith

The first clients to complete 10 years of Pilates—2004 – 2013







Gillian is both a qualified school and dance teacher and has worked in primary, secondary and  tertiary institutions. She has been involved in  the dance industry for 50 years as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, adjudicator and  lecturer. Her interest  in Pilates started as she realised the benefits for her dancers and also experienced these benefits for herself. Retiring from Dance Teaching, but still wanting to be involved in physical fitness, lead to her desire to expand her knowledge of the  Pilates method and to her decision to qualify to teach this form of exercise, which she is now passionate about. Her dream was to establish a studio in the heart of town and this has been achieved with the establishment of The Studio and she has now been making a difference in the lives of many people, at The Studio, for 14 years. She is still passionate about this amazing system and plans to continue working in her own life and those of others for as long as she is able.



Explosion 2: CONGRATULATIONS to the following people on completing 10 years of Pilates from 2006 to 2015

Merelyn McCarthy

Bev Plant

Helen Hadzisavas and Kay Tytler

Geoff Mitchell, Laurie and Marion Collins

Janine Good and Sharyn Purcell

Reserved: 2017

Director / Instructor—Gillian Foks

TITC (Toorak). LISTD (Cecchetti) Member PIA

Level 1,2 and 3 Mat / Level 1 and 2 Reformer / Level 1 Ball / Pregnancy / Foam Roller / Arc Barrel  / Wunda Chair