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Reformer pilates studio machine for fitn
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Pilates is the complete coordination of Mind, Body and Spirit - Joseph Pilates

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Pilates is a smart and efficient way of moving your body that makes a difference to all other activities in your life. If you are sick of returning to exercise only to wind up injured, you need to visit our studio. We take the time to teach you better ways of moving that reduce strain and allow you to build endurance and strength- like you want to.

EVERY BODY can benefit from Pilates. It is a unique system of stretching and strengthening, designed to condition and elongate your entire body. Pilates creates awareness of functional movement and correct body mechanics. Using combined breath with fluid movement, Pilates will strengthen the deep core muscles and relieve tension and stress.

​Our classes are taken by qualified instructors, who are passionate about the Pilates system of exercise. It is our desire to offer the best care possible to our clients with classes that are non-confronting, geared to the needs of the individual yet firmly adhering to the Pilates principles. We appreciate that everyone has different goals, so we proudly offer a broad range of classes that are designed to help you get there. 

​Private sessions are also available, by appointment only, especially for specific conditions and rehabilitation.

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