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How do I book a Pilates Class?

Bookings are to be made online through this webpage and our TEAMUP portal. Payment is required during booking. You are able to purchase different packs, memberships that suit your needs. Should you need further assistance contact us via reception. Please note our reception is only available between 9am - 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. 9am - 9pm Wednesday and 9am - 3pm Friday. Alternatively you can call the Warragul Wellness Centre on 56364902 and book/pay over the phone.

What should I do in my first class?

Please arrive about 5-10 minutes early to acquaint yourself with the instructor and studio. Please let your instructor know that you are new so that they can help you set everything up correctly and show you around.  

Details of known injuries etc should be on the enrollment form and are to be handed to the instructor so they are aware before the class starts of what they are needing to be mindful of.

What can I expect in a Pilates class?

Pilates is a unique form of exercise that was developed in the early 1900’s by Joseph Pilates. Pilates can change the body shape in time, but it is particularly about rebalancing the body, improving posture through awareness and discovering the weaker areas of the body that need to be addressed to do this. This is achieved through the use of specific breathing to target deep muscles, to strengthen the core and allow the body to move more freely. It is a journey of discovery. Patience is needed but the results are worth working for.

What if I don't know if I have booked the right class?

Our team of instructors are trained to see whether or not you are in the right class. If they feel another class would be better suited to your abilities, they will suggest the preferred class for you to book.

What Do I wear to my Pilates Class?

We recommend you wear comfortable gym attire or your preferred workout clothing. For hygiene purposes we require all participants to wear socks during their Reformer class. We also sell socks in the studio if needed.

Change rooms and toilets are provided. Personal belongings can be stored in the provided pigeon holes or to the side of the studio but we encourage you to leave your valuables at home or in the car.

What do I bring to my Pilates Class?

· Please do not attend a class if you are at all unwell. 

· Please bring a drink bottle of water

· Your own mat or a large towel and a small pillow if you need it

· Bring a theraband if you have one or purchase a band at the studio - varying prices

· Hard or spikey balls are really an essential item. 

· It is suggested that you bring your own small bottle of sanitiser so you can clean hands between equipment use

· Please do not linger in the passageway after a class so that the studio can be cleaned and cleared before the next clients arrive.

Can I bring a friend along?

Of course! We love meeting new faces and introducing everyone to Pilates – the more, the merrier! But just be sure to check class availability online or call first if you plan to bring a friend or family member, we’d be sad if they had to sit on the sideline and watch!

What If I am pregnant? Can I still do Pilates?

Pilates for Pregnancy is amazing as it is low impact and targets all major muscle groups and specific areas of the body, such as pelvic stability, that need strengthening through each trimester.

It is so important to maintain health, strength, flexibility and ease of movement through the pregnancy and in preparation for the birth. Benefits also extend to a quicker post natal recovery.

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