Meet Our Instructors


Gillian Foks -  Member Pilates Institute of Australia  - Level 3 Instructor Qualified to teach  -

Beginners to Advanced -  Matwork, Reformer , plus all other small and major equipment e.g Pilates Chair and Cadillac


Gillian is both a qualified school and dance teacher and has worked in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions both in the dance and education fields. She has been involved in the dance industry for 60 years as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, adjudicator and lecturer. Her interest in Pilates started as she realised the benefits for her dancers and also experienced these benefits for herself. Retiring from Dance Teaching, but still wanting to be involved in physical fitness, lead to her desire to expand her knowledge of the Pilates method and to her decision to qualify to teach this form of exercise, which she is now passionate about. Her dream was to establish a studio in the heart of town and which was achieved with the establishment of The Pilates Studio and she has now been making a difference in the lives of many people, at the Studio, for over 18 years. She is delighted to be joined by younger, qualified instructors and new owner Jacqui Barclay.

Shari Ward  - 

Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology. 
Beginners to Advanced - Matwork, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac , Arc Barrel plus other small apparatus 

Shari began her fitness career in 2013 as a Group Fitness Instructor. 
She then became a Pilates Matwork Instructor in 2018 with Studio Pilates International & now has furthered her training with Tensegrity Training.
Completing her Diploma this year adding to her Pilates repertoire, Clinical Rehabilitation, Somatic movement & Pregnancy in motion. 
The positive feedback from clients having improved their core strength, balance, coordination & flexibility has shown her what a rewarding career Pilates Instructing is. 
Shari has a confident and enthusiastic approach which leaves her clients feeling happy & successful. 

Diana Trzaskoma - Trained through Breathe Education—Certificate IV Teaching — Mat / Reformer from  Beginners to Advanced + other large and small equipment

We are delighted to have Diana teaching with us. She is keen to share her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for movement. Over the years Diana primarily trained extensively in dance as a performer, choreographer, teacher and manager / owner of a dance studio. Her dance experience extends over 30 years, during which time she qualified as a dance teacher gaining certificates through RAD and CSTD. During a hiatus from dance she discovered Pilates. With this discovery her love for movement was revived and a desire for further understanding of the Pilates method was sparked. She has completed her Certificate IV in Pilates with Breathe Education and is continuing to focus on obtaining her diploma to hone her skills and understanding, in order to better serve her clients.

Her mission is to work diligently with clients, assisting them in achieving their body goals, therefore enabling them to effectively move with ease through daily life.

Rochelle Carmichael—National and International Method Pilates for Rehabilitation Instructor

We are pleased to welcome Rochelle to the Pilates team this term. She comes with a wealth of experience of over 25 years teaching Pilates. She began Pilates due to a  lower back injury  arising from her professional dancing career. As well as working extensively with medical practitioners, Physiotherapists and osteopaths she has taught is Pilates Studios, gyms and the Educational and corporate fields and owned and ran 3 Pilates studios  around Melbourne. After returning from Canada, where she taught “Core Stabilisation courses”  and then working in  high profile places such as Dance Medicine  Australia, Victorian College of the Arts, Studio Cirq and Ausdance she then focussed her attention on Group training. Her belief was that Pilates should be available to all who wish to participate and not only those who could afford Studio prices. We know that clients will benefit from her knowledge and approach  and we are delighted to have her expertise available at the Wellness centre.