Meet Our Instructors


Shari Ward  - 

Diploma in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology.

Beginners to Advanced - Matwork, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac , Arc Barrel plus other small apparatus 

Shari began her fitness career in 2013 as a Group Fitness Instructor. 
She then became a Pilates Matwork Instructor in 2018 with Studio Pilates International & now has furthered her training with Tensegrity Training.
Completing her Diploma this year adding to her Pilates repertoire, Clinical Rehabilitation, Somatic movement & Pregnancy in motion. 
The positive feedback from clients having improved their core strength, balance, coordination & flexibility has shown her what a rewarding career Pilates Instructing is. 
Shari has a confident, inclusive and enthusiastic approach which leaves her clients feeling happy & successful.